SV Senstech-iFlyTek Joint Innovation Laboratory for Intelligent Speech

SV Senstech-iFlyTek Joint Innovation Laboratory for Intelligent Speech

Source: This website Time:2019-08-28


On August 23, 2019, the opening ceremony of the “SV Senstech-iFlyTek Joint Innovation Laboratory for Intelligent Speech” was officially held in the Wuxi “China Sensor Network International Innovation Park”.

SV Senstech has developed and commercialized MEMS microphone products with innovative design and new technology for MEMS sensor chips. iFlyTek is the leading enterprise in the field of AI intelligent speech industry.SV Senstech is invested by the "iFlyTekScience and Technology Venture Capital Fund" to establish a long-term strategiccollaboration with iFlyTek, providing AI intelligent speech products with advanced technology to the market.

The Joint Innovation Laboratory is dedicated to the development of AI MEMSmicrophone products for speech recognition, voice wake-up, voiceprint recognition and other fields, and to exploitresearch and commercializationof new generations of human-machine voice interactive smart microphones. Our new products and solutions of high-quality AI MEMS microphone products and services will be applied to smart home appliances, health, security, education and other industries for consumers, businesses, schools and governments.

Mr. Liu Fang, Deputy General Manager of the China Sensing Network International Innovation Park, and Ms. Helene Hu, Executive Director of SV SensTech, jointly chaired the opening ceremony. Mr. GuoLidong, Deputy Director of Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau, and Mr. Wu Jianhua, Director of Science and Technology Bureau of Xinwu District, delivered a congratulatory message. Mr. Huang Haibing, CEO of iFlyTeck Interactive, and Jimmy Miao, Chairman of SV Senstech,both gave inspiring speeches.

Based on the creative design and innovative technology of SV SensTech's microphone products and the dedicated research of iFlyTek in AI intelligent speech technology, by setting up the Joint Innovation Laboratory, both companies will jointly establish close collaboration in intelligence speech research and applications of high-SNR microphones to smart end products for intelligent speech recognition.

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