Company Profile

Wuxi Company

Founded in 2010, SinoVision SensTech was awarded as Category 530A Enterprise of Jiangsu Province. The company owns independent intellectual property rights of core chip technology, and set up advanced sensor production lines. With registered capital of 40 million RMB, it runs wholly-owned subsidiaries, Shanghai MicroLink SensTech and Wuxi SinoVision SensTech. Currently, the company has hundreds of square meters of class 100, 1000 dustproof rooms, which are respectively used to test MEMS sensor chips and sensor finished products. The company has set up sensor test center and micro-sensor assembly line based on independent technology and advanced equipment. Main products include silicon microphone series (SinoVision Tech) and pressure sensor series (SinoVision SensTech). In view of the good quality of silicon microphones, several domestic famous companies have signed supply agreement of silicon microphones with our company. Pressure sensor series include chips, modules, and all types of automobile pressure sensor components. Automobile pressure sensor components have been quite popular nationwide.

Shanghai Company

Micro Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise with independent sensor core chip technology. With the development goals of Infineon, Bosch and Yingmeisheng, the company develops its own chip technology, owns its own intellectual property rights, and establishes an advanced chip design and process technology development platform. At present, the company mainly undertakes the design and development of the sensor chip of the MEMS and the management of the wafer of the chip product, as well as the development of the sensor device, system application and test system. In 2018, the company reorganized its business, and the micro-sensor business was injected into Maigan Microelectronics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huajing Sensing Technology. The micro-sensor technology became a group company.

Shenzhen office

Sino Vision Tech and SinoVision SensTech (affiliated to MicroLink SensTech) set up office in Shenzhen in December 2018, having built sales and technical support team. The office is located in Shenzhen Cable Information Transmission Building, close to Tencent, Shenzhen University and High-tech Park. Shenzhen Office mainly serves the clients in South China, being the sales center and technical support center in South China. Acoustic lab was built at Shenzhen Office to conduct performance evaluation and verification test upon silicon microphone monomers, modules, and complete machines for clients.

SV Senstech Co., Ltd
Address:Bldg. F2, 200 Linghu Avenue, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province